It’s our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible, at the best prices around, keeping them active out on the water all season long.


Indoor boat and trailer storage! We have winter leases as well as summer leases that include our valet service. Use your boat all summer long and we’ll keep you covered.


Used boats for sale! Everything from family weekend runabouts to high performance tournament boats! Stop in to see them in person.

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our customers come first


‘Lakeside services my boat every year, winterizing for safe winter storage and then getting her all set up for summer fun, in the spring. They do a great job, are quick to get me in, and have my boat back right away… often times even the same day! And they are always friendly and helpful. Recently I needed some more extensive work done. Lakeside gave me a thorough estimate, ordered up the parts, and had my boat back in the water quickly. I have the utmost confidence in their work and I am happy to have found a trusted and reliable company to service my boat. Highly recommended!’

Rob Carlson

‘I made Lakeside aware of an upcoming family cruise planned in 3 days… And I expected to hear that their soonest appointment would be 7-10 days from now. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that if I wear able to bring it in right away, they would have it all ready for me the next day! This was a near miraculous commitment from Lakeside Boat, in my book!! And to my amazement, they DID have it ready for me the next day, which allowed me to complete my special family cruise on time. I love you guys!!! You’ll be getting all of my Sea Ray’s boat service work from now on. Thank you! Sincerely, your customer for life…’

Dave Wlaschin

“We are fellow boaters…

And we understand how frustrating it can be to get stuck with technical issues, and your boat on the hard while the sun is out for the limited time the beautiful Pacific Northwest allows.  Boating isn’t just some hobby to us.  It’s a lifestyle.  And we want to ensure that tradition continues from generation to generation.  The only way to do that is by doing everything we can to keep boating fun for you, for us, and for our family and friends.  That means everything working right, routine maintenance done, and all without breaking the bank. We will do our absolute best to make sure you spend less time in the shop… more time in the drink.”


Joshua Knapp – Operations Manager